Vegetable Oil: Refined Oil Products – Oil Seeds

We can offer both edible and industrial use vegetable oil.

Mainly the commercially marketed vegetable seed oil are:

Soy Oil (CSO: Crude Soy Oil), (CSDO Crude soy degummed oil), Refined

Sunflower Oil (Crude & Refined).

Rapeseed Oil (Crude & Refined).

Corn Oil (Refined only).

Palm Oil (Crude and RBD).

Cotton seed Oil (Crude & Refined).

Coconut Oil (Crude & Refined).

All the above oil can be supplied in crude or refined form. These can be packed in bulk or packed in flexi-containers or consumer pet bottles. Our minimum is 25 flexi containers or 500 mt for any type of oil.

The bulk oil ships are 12500 mt. The refined oil can also be supplied in bulk as well as in pet bottles of 1, 2 , 3, 5, 10 , 20 litres or 200 litre drums.

In vegetable oil world the soy oil has the highest world production. In 2010/11, it would reach 34.1 million tons.

2010/11                                                         2012/13

United States    28%                                                                  29%

Brazil                19.5%                                                             20.2%

Argentina          17%                                                             17.9%