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FACTS ABOUT CEMENT:There are about 70 varieties of cement and available in powder, paste and liquid form but we are only concerned here with constructional cement commonly known as Portland Cement. (Portland is the town in South England where cement was originally made. Portland (constructional) Cement is a fine powder mixture of various minerals. It is produced by mixing calcareous minerals such as chalk, limestone containing silica and alumina and heating it to 1450 deg C when it cools a clinker is formed. This clinker is then finely ground and mixed with small quantity 3-5% of gypsum which has calcium sulphate in it. The amount of gypsum controls the physical properties of the eventual concrete. Sometimes very minute quantities of pigments are also added. Cement producing processes do however vary


This is not a comprehensive list.

Aluminous CementAnchoring CementAsbestos Cement

Asphalt Cement

Bituminous Cement

Clay Cements

Coal tar Cement

High Alumina Cement

Hydraulic Cement

Magnesia Cement

Non-Toxic Cement

Magnesium CementMagnesium Oxychloride CementOil well Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Pozzolana Cement

Quick Setting Cement

Rapid Setting Cement

Refractory Cement

Slag Cement

Sulphate Resisting Cement

Super-sulphate Cement

Cement Standards

AENOR: Asociacion Espanola Normalization Certificacion SPAIN

AFNOR Francaise de normalisation Association FRANCE

ASTM American Society for testing & materials USA

BSI British Standards Institution UK

CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation EU

DIN Deitsches Institut fur Normung Germany

JSA Japanese Standards Association Japan

SABS South African Building S. Africa

UNI-CEI Enti Italiani di Normazione Italy


China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia & Ukraine Other CIS countries, Turkey, Pakistan, USA.