Islamic Finance


Credit facilities

Specialist products

Leases & Mortgages

Short term loans forWorking capital & trade

Medium term loans to finance

Capital expenditure & property

Long term project finance

Business Expansion scheme funds

Discounting of bills & notes

Capital raising from institutions


Currency & interest swaps

Balance sheet & debt structuring

Guarantees, indemnities. bonds

Political and exchange risk insturance

Provision of Collaterals Stock & dect collateral bonds

Trustee, fiduciary & closing facilities

Perious metals Perious stones


Help with company formationsand other legal procedures

Property investment, management& valuation

Start ups & small Companies

Projects, contractors bids,pricing policies

Rapid devolopment and expansion requirements

Investment evaluationHergers, acuisitions, divestments

Equity & Ican financeRescues, turnarounds

Management buy outs / insCorporate StrategyHelp with negotiations