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As you are looking for commodities and the better effective back up service you have come to the right place.

We not only provide the commodities but back it up by services second to none.

We do emphasize effective better service as many a deals falter on poor service and can cost you a fortune in wasted time, effort and lost revenue/profit.

You can rely on us for excellent performance.

We do not look for only one transaction but we regard it as a stepping stone for a longer term relationship.

Although we mainly deal with the principal buyers but can also deal with sellers mandate and other brokers.

Broker may be new in this field looking for only one deal or established brokers looking for an alternative source for long term relationship.

Principal Buyers:

Please complete the Post Comment (RFQ) and we will submit prices along with LOI and BCL drafts.

Please reply on your Letter Heading with LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) along with BANK COMFORT LETTER (BCL).

It is very important that the Bank must be one of the top 50 Prime Banks.

We regret we are unable to entertain any non-prime banks unless the LC is confirmed by a prime bank.

On receipt of the said two documents we shall present the sellers’ FCO and/or draft contract.

Commodity Brokers:

We can comfortably deal with all brokers.

All commissions are guaranteed and paid on the consummation of the Documentary Credit.

All commission agreements are in writing and are protected.

If your commissions are excessive please do check if the country laws allow it.

All NDNC agreements are honored.

Please complete the Post Comment We shall send you prices by e-mail along with drafts of LOI and BCL format.

Please strictly adhere to this format.

Please send us the LOI/ICPO on end Buyers’ letter-heading and BCL from the Bank.

Until these two letters are received by us we really cannot proceed.

In fact it is only on the receipt of these docs we can send you and the SELLER further full sets of all the documentations to start the full process.

We keep you fully informed of the progress of business.

Good luck and thank you again for visiting us and we look forward to long and mutually profitable relationship.