Discounted Currency Exchanges

This system was created to assist several ongoing humanitarian projects in developing countries. The project could involve alleviating poverty, clean water supply, basic health, basic education etc. So essentially some of the funds from these exchanges must be reserved for the said humanitarian projects.

Currencies: We can exchange & discount all major 30 currencies. However the main currencies traded would include USD, Euros, RMB, JPY, Dinar, Dirhams, Indian Rupees, Russian Rubles etc.

Discount Rates: These are regulated by the governments and market forces. The discount rates can vary enormously. The USD can be discounted at or 13/9 or 15/10%, while the Russian Rubles be 30/20%

Type of currency exchanges are MT 103, L2L, Blue Screen, C2C, SKR 2 SKR, C2C 2 SKR.

Amount of Exchange: The amounts of Exchange: These vary also. It can be $25 million or its equivalent and up to a $ trillion.

Seller/Buyer: Generally the USD Provider is known as the Seller and the other currency Provider as the buyer.

Compliance Pack: If the USD has to move first the other side must provide a signed full compliance package. This will invariably include the following:

Passport of Client or Signatory + 140%
Passport of Mandate. +140%.
Signed Client Information Sheet
Signed Mandate information sheet
One page Biography of the Provider or signatory
History of Funds
Corporate Resolution nominating the signatory for the transaction
Non-Solicitation Letter
Letter of Intent
Mandate Appointment Letter.
Purchase Order (for blue screen exchange only)
Completed and signed Contract.
Signed IMPFA.
Signed NDNC.
Proof of Funds